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Image Name Location Ratings Type
Binance Malta 3.7 Cryptocurrency,Derivatives,Stable Coins,Tokens
HBTC Unknown 2.9 Cryptocurrency,Stable Coins,Tokens Belarus 4.5 Cryptocurrency,Fiat
Huobi Global Seychelles 2.6 Cryptocurrency,Stable Coins,Tokens
OKEX Malta 1.7 Cryptocurrency,Derivatives,Stable Coins,Tokens,Fiat
HitBTC United Kingdom 3.9 Cryptocurrency,Stable Coins Saint Kitts and Nevis 3.1 Cryptocurrency,Stable Coins
BeQuant United Kingdom 4.4 Cryptocurrency,Stable Coins,Fiat
Coinbase U.S.A 2.7 Cryptocurrency,Stable Coins,Tokens,Fiat
UPbit South Korea 3.3 Cryptocurrency,Stable Coins,Tokens,Fiat
BitMEX Republic of Seychelles 3 Derivatives,Fiat
BTSE United Arab Emirates 0 Cryptocurrency,Stable Coins,Fiat
BKEX British Virgin Islands 3.1 Cryptocurrency,Stable Coins
bitFlyerFX Japan 3 Cryptocurrency,Fiat
BitAsset Hong Kong 0 Cryptocurrency,Fiat
ZB China 3.6 Cryptocurrency,Stable Coins,Tokens
DigiFinex Republic of Seychelles 2.8 Cryptocurrency,Stable Coins
ExtStock United Kingdom 3.6 Cryptocurrency,Fiat
Bithumb Korea South Korea 2.8 Cryptocurrency,Tokens,Fiat
Dcoin Switzerland 0 Cryptocurrency,Stable Coins
Bitfinex British Virgin Islands 4 Cryptocurrency,Derivatives,Stable Coins,Tokens,Fiat
Kraken U.S.A 2.5 Cryptocurrency,Derivatives,Stable Coins,Tokens,Fiat
PrimeXBT Republic of Seychelles 3.2 Cryptocurrency,Fiat
EXX China 2.8 Cryptocurrency,Stable Coins,Tokens
Huobi Korea South Korea 0 Cryptocurrency,Stable Coins,Tokens,Fiat
FTX Antigua and Barbuda 3.1 Cryptocurrency,Stable Coins,Fiat
Bitstamp United Kingdom 2.6 Cryptocurrency,Fiat
BitMart Cayman Islands 3.1 Cryptocurrency,Stable Coins,Tokens
BitForex Republic of Seychelles 4.9 Cryptocurrency,Stable Coins,Tokens
CBX Unknown 3.1 Cryptocurrency,Stable Coins
Bit-Z U.S.A 2.8 Cryptocurrency,Stable Coins,Tokens
Bilaxy Republic of Seychelles 0 Cryptocurrency,Stable Coins,Tokens
Binance US U.S.A 3.1 Cryptocurrency,Stable Coins,Fiat
Kucoin China 3.2 Cryptocurrency
TOKOK British Virgin Islands 0 Cryptocurrency,Stable Coins
CoinsBit Estonia 4.1 Cryptocurrency,Stable Coins,Fiat U.S.A 2.3 Cryptocurrency
Yobit Russia 4.1 Cryptocurrency,Tokens,Fiat
bitFlyer Japan, U.S.A, Europe 2.4 Cryptocurrency,Fiat
bitFlyer EU Unknown 3 Cryptocurrency,Fiat
Paribu Turkey 3.1 Cryptocurrency,Stable Coins,Fiat
Bibox Estonia 3.6 Cryptocurrency,Stable Coins,Tokens
P2PB2B Estonia 4.3 Cryptocurrency,Stable Coins,Tokens,Fiat
LMAX Digital United Kingdom 3.4 Cryptocurrency,Fiat
BtcTurk Pro Turkey 2.8 Cryptocurrency,Stable Coins
Coinone South Korea 2.6 Cryptocurrency,Fiat
ProBit Seychelles 0 Cryptocurrency,Stable Coins,Fiat
ZBG Hong Kong 3 Cryptocurrency,Stable Coins,Tokens
Liquid Japan 3.2 Cryptocurrency,Fiat
Bittrex U.S.A 2.5 Cryptocurrency,Stable Coins,Tokens,Fiat
CoinEx Unknown 3.2 Cryptocurrency,Stable Coins,Tokens
Poloniex U.S.A 1.9 Cryptocurrency,Stable Coins,Tokens
BitMax Singapore 3.2 Cryptocurrency,Stable Coins,Tokens
BIKI Singapore 0 Cryptocurrency,Stable Coins,Fiat
Cryptonex Scotland 3.1 Cryptocurrency,Tokens,Fiat
Bitbank Japan 3 Cryptocurrency,Fiat
Coincheck Japan 2.7 Cryptocurrency,Fiat
Gemini U.S.A 3.2 Cryptocurrency,Fiat
Beldex Estonia 3.5 Cryptocurrency,Stable Coins
LBank China 3.1 Cryptocurrency,Stable Coins,Tokens
FatBTC Republic of Seychelles 4 Cryptocurrency,Stable Coins,Fiat
Uniswap (V2) Unknown 3.1 Cryptocurrency,Stable Coins,Tokens
Catex China 1.5 Cryptocurrency,Stable Coins
Bithumb South Korea 0 Cryptocurrency,Stable Coins,Fiat
LATOKEN Cayman Islands 3.7 Cryptocurrency,Stable Coins,Tokens Hong Kong 3 Cryptocurrency,Stable Coins
1inch Exchange EU 0 Cryptocurrency,Tokens
Huobi Japan Japan 0 Cryptocurrency,Fiat
BitBay Estonia 3.5 Cryptocurrency,Fiat
Bitkub Thailand 3.7 Cryptocurrency,Stable Coins,Fiat
Zaif Japan 3 Cryptocurrency,Tokens,Fiat
eToroX Gibraltar 2.8 Cryptocurrency,Stable Coins,Fiat
AAX Malta 3.1 Cryptocurrency,Derivatives,Stable Coins,Fiat
ATAIX Estonia 4.6 Cryptocurrency,Stable Coins,Fiat
Exrates Estonia 2.8 Cryptocurrency,Stable Coins,Fiat
CoinField Estonia 3.8 Cryptocurrency,Stable Coins,Fiat
Blockchain Exchange United Kingdom 3 Cryptocurrency,Stable Coins,Tokens,Fiat
BTCBOX Japan 3 Cryptocurrency,Fiat
Luno Singapore 2.8 Cryptocurrency,Fiat
itBit U.S.A 3.5 Cryptocurrency,Fiat
OKCoin U.S.A 2.4 Cryptocurrency,Stable Coins,Fiat
ChainX South Korea 0 Cryptocurrency,Tokens,Fiat
Indodax Indonesia 3.1 Cryptocurrency,Stable Coins,Fiat
STEX Unknown 2.8 Cryptocurrency,Stable Coins,Tokens
Nominex Seychelles 0 Cryptocurrency,Stable Coins,Tokens
Exmo United Kingdom 4 Cryptocurrency,Stable Coins,Fiat
Korbit South Korea 3.1 Cryptocurrency,Fiat
Bitso Mexico 3.1 Cryptocurrency,Stable Coins,Fiat United Kingdom 4 Cryptocurrency,Tokens,Fiat
TimeX Australia 3.1 Cryptocurrency
Bitpanda Pro Austria 3.2 Cryptocurrency,Stable Coins,Fiat
DECOIN Seychelles 3.4 Cryptocurrency,Stable Coins
HADAX China 0 Cryptocurrency,Stable Coins,Tokens
BTCMarkets Australia 2.3 Cryptocurrency,Fiat
Tidex United Kingdom 3 Cryptocurrency,Tokens
CoinJar United Kingdom 3 Cryptocurrency,Fiat
Independent Reserve Australia 3 Cryptocurrency,Fiat
EQUOS Singapore 4 Cryptocurrency,Stable Coins,Fiat
VALR South Africa 0 Cryptocurrency,Fiat
Sushiswap Unknown 0 Cryptocurrency

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