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AS Roma Fan Token Price Prediction | Forecast for ASR

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Table of Contents:

  1. Coin prognosis
  2. What is AS Roma Fan Token coin?
  3. Future price prediction
  4. Frequently asked questions
  5. Historical Price Data
  6. Where to buy ASR

Possible bearish downtrend on AS Roma Fan Token Downside

AS Roma Fan Token's price has performed poorly over the past weeks. Buying ASR at this time may lead to loss of capital.

ASR Price $2.9120 USD
Price Change 24hours $-0.0810 USD (-2.71%)
24h Low / 24h High $2.8444 / $20.0679 USD
Trading Volume 24hours $388,250 USD
Market Cap $29,105,440 USD

What is AS Roma Fan Token? Fundamental Analysis

Tokens are generally assets that can represent proof of ownership or even membership. As tokens are already being used for a wide range of purposes, many specialized blockchains have been developed with native intent to support tokens, the most common of which is currently Ethereum and their ERC standard tokens. is an app for football (soccer) fans, where users acquire voting rights to influence the clubs they support by acquiring club-specific Fan tokens.Chiliz ($CHZ) is an ERC20 utility token on the Ethereum blockchain that serves as the digital currency for the chiliZ and platform. In launching their platform, alongside other sports blockchain ventures, a new category of token has emerged — the Fan Token. Once onboard the platform, yet to-be-announced club partners host what has been called a Fan Token Offering (FTO). Fans must purchase $CHZ via a cryptocurrency exchange in order to acquire Fan Tokens. These tokens — which are specific to a team or club — are a finite, digital asset that provide access to an encrypted ledger of voting and membership rights ownership.Formed as the result of a 3-team merger in 1927, AS Roma has been one of Italy’s more well-known competitors for more than 90 years. The club’s journey through the annals of its nations highest league has seen AS Roma capture 3 Serie A titles in addition to bringing the Coppa Italia home on 9 different occasions. A dominant force in its native land, AS Roma continues to push its organization to establish itself in the elite of European football.

AS Roma Fan Token price prediction

Future price prediction

Date Price Possible movement
May 30, 2023 $20.0679 Neutral
June, 2023 $ 4.2295 USD Downside
July, 2023 $ 6.8901 USD Downside
August, 2023 $ 6.8681 USD Downside
November, 2023 $ 6.8464 USD Downside
May, 2024 $ 6.8355 USD Downside

ASR Crypto Price Forecast: Frequently Asked Questions

Question Answer
What will be the highest price of AS Roma Fan Token (ASR) in future? Our analysis shows AS Roma Fan Token is already past it's immediate all time high, indicating a bearish signal!
Will AS Roma Fan Token (ASR) price increase in future? No. Our algorithms indicate that AS Roma Fan Token (ASR) will experience a significant decline in future. As low as $6.8355/ASR
Will an Investment in AS Roma Fan Token (ASR) be profitable or make a loss? Probably Loss making.
What will be the lowest price of AS Roma Fan Token (ASR) in future? $6.8355 USD
Will the price of AS Roma Fan Token (ASR) move downward in future? Down only
At the end of the year, what will be the price of 1 AS Roma Fan Token? Our analysis shows an end of year prognosis of 1ASR = $6.8355 USD.
Where do I buy AS Roma Fan Token? We have curated some great options. Buy ASR coin here →

Historical Price Data (USD)

Poor volume like ASR could be an indication of short term bearishness.

Date Price Volume
May 3, 2023 $3.842 $0
May 2, 2023 $2.983 $1,153,719
May 1, 2023 $2.958 $1,615,513
April 30, 2023 $2.941 $3,636,696
April 29, 2023 $2.966 $956,183
April 28, 2023 $2.995 $849,317
April 27, 2023 $2.998 $1,201,319
April 26, 2023 $3.041 $1,185,584
April 25, 2023 $3.022 $1,220,468
April 24, 2023 $2.973 $1,277,664
April 23, 2023 $3.04 $1,290,793
April 22, 2023 $3.02 $2,211,677
April 21, 2023 $3.156 $1,839,971
April 20, 2023 $3.117 $2,975,160
April 19, 2023 $3.281 $3,533,282
April 18, 2023 $3.3 $2,879,746
April 17, 2023 $3.25 $5,628,508
April 16, 2023 $3.248 $1,522,264
April 15, 2023 $3.348 $3,900,206
April 14, 2023 $3.278 $6,791,420
April 13, 2023 $3.152 $3,593,404
April 12, 2023 $3.338 $3,786,727
April 11, 2023 $3.754 $17,120,952
April 10, 2023 $3.002 $26,546,388
April 9, 2023 $3.235 $7,945,698
April 8, 2023 $3.165 $54,453,159
April 7, 2023 $2.645 $13,948,305
April 6, 2023 $2.665 $127,850
April 5, 2023 $2.638 $229,687
April 4, 2023 $2.637 $282,297

Steps to buy AS Roma Fan Token (ASR) in 2023

  1. Buy ASR with USD: Purchase ASR with USD on the following exchanges: .
  2. Buy Bitcoin directly on Coinbase, Binance or Paypal
  3. Send the BTC to an Exchange that supports ASR/BTC pair. You can buy ASR with Bitcoin at Binance, .
  4. Now, Buy AS Roma Fan Token with BTC: Below is a detailed breakdown of exchanges that support AS Roma Fan Token and their trading.

Exchanges that support ASR/USD Pair

Exchange Trade Pair Rating

Exchanges that trade ASR/BTC Pairs

Exchange Trade Pair Rating
Binance ASR/BTC A

Exchanges that allow ASR/BTC trading

Exchange Trade Pair Exchange Grade

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