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Decred Price Prediction | Forecast for DCR

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Table of Contents:

  1. Short term
  2. Analysis
  3. Price Prediction
  4. FAQs
  5. Historical Data
  6. Where to buy DCR

Possible uptrend on Decred Up Only

Our coin price forecasting algorithm indicates bullishness on the DCR/USD pair. This means it will do well in the near to long term.

DCR Price $17.7200 USD
Price Change 24hours $-0.6200 USD (-3.38%)
24h Low / 24h High $17.5800 / $18.6086 USD
Trading Volume 24hours $19,050 USD
Market Cap $264,324,912 USD

Decred Analysis

1. Decred development started in April, 2014 with a single developer and expanded to include developers from btcsuite shortly thereafter.Decred is built in the spirit of open participation and we have provided below a full disclosure of the technical features of the system, wallets and mining, initial funding and distribution, project governance and development, and a group contribution timeline.Decred opted for a different funding model in an attempt to shift the risk carried by supporters to the developers of the project.

2. Coins held by Company 0 will be used to fund its ongoing work on open-source projects, such as Decred and btcsuite.Giving away these coins in an airdrop allows us to accomplish several things at once for the project: enlarge the Decred network, further help decentralize the distribution of coins, and allow us to get coins into the hands of people who are interested in participating in the project.

3. The model is unusual in that no developer received any amount of coins for free - all coins owned by developers will either be purchased at a rate of USD 0.49 per coin from their own pockets or exchanged for work performed at the same rate.The premine consists of 8% of the total supply of 21 million coins, meaning the premine consists of 1.68 million coins.

4. The consensus was that this is an ethical path given the realities of funding software development, due to the fact that the developers alone carry the risk of the project failing, whereas in the past potential users were expected to pay for coins before any code was written.

5. These coins will be given away unconditionally and there is zero expectation of Decred receiving anything from you in return for these coins.Sign up for the airdrop is currently open, but the airdrop registration will commence on January 4th, 2016.

6. Rather than allocating the entire premine to the bring-up costs, we decided to split the premine equally between compensation for bring-up and an "airdrop", where we freely give an equal amount of coins to a number of airdrop participants.

7. This means Company 0 and its developers will have put roughly USD 415,000 into the bring-up since April, 2014 and receive 4% of the total supply, 840,000 coins (at USD 0.49 per coin).

8. Once you have entered your receiving address into the airdrop webform and submitted it, you will receive your coins on the projected launch date.

9. Binaries and source code will be made available so that you can generate a wallet seed and an address for your airdrop coins.

10. The remaining 4% will be spread evenly across a list of airdrop participants as part of an effort to build the Decred network and decentralize its distribution.

11. This form will require airdrop participants to enter an address to which their coins can be sent.

12. Instead of asking interested parties to fund the development of the software, the developers decided to pool funds together and carry the project to completion before making it public.

13. Want to invest in Decred? you may also like other coins like Private Instant Verified Transaction; IOS token; Enjin Coin; Utrust; Waves Community Token; MinersReward; FunFair; HextraCoin; XY Oracle; Recovery Right Tokens;

Decred price prediction

Future price prediction

Date Price Possible movement
Apr 23, 2024 $18.6086 Neutral
May, 2024 $ 19.6234 USD Upside
June, 2024 $ 23.2420 USD Upside
July, 2024 $ 22.3818 USD Upside
October, 2024 $ 26.1770 USD Upside
April, 2025 $ 57.1280 USD Upside

DCR Crypto Price Forecast: Frequently Asked Questions

Question Answer
What will be the highest price of Decred (DCR) in future? Our analysis shows a possible all time high of $57.1280 USD
Will Decred (DCR) price increase in future? Our prognosis shows Decred (DCR) will increase exponentially in future, attaining a possible coin price of $57.1280 USD
Will an Investment in Decred (DCR) be profitable or make a loss? Decred will be a profitable investment in the next 1 year, giving hodlers a good return.
What will be the highest price of Decred (DCR) in future? $57.1280 USD
Will the price of Decred (DCR) move downward in future? Up only
At the end of the year, what will be the price of 1 Decred? Our algorithms indicates an end of year price of 1 DCR = $57.1280 USD.
What is the Decred price prediction for 2025? By the year 2025, the price of one DCR could be as high as $285.6398 USD
Decred price prediction for 2030? Too hard to predict. The crypto market changes rapidly. Hence, s lot can change between now and 2030.
Where do I buy Decred? Purchase DCR coin here →

Historical Price Data (USD)

Rising volume like Decred has is a great indication it will do well in the short term.

Date Price Volume
May 1, 2023 $18.15 $49,752
April 30, 2023 $18.75 $187,524
April 29, 2023 $18.75 $62,872
April 28, 2023 $19.09 $140,391
April 27, 2023 $18.74 $133,611
April 26, 2023 $18.92 $121,350
April 25, 2023 $18.87 $58,329
April 24, 2023 $18.88 $48,147
April 23, 2023 $19.98 $254,538
April 22, 2023 $18.45 $148,780
April 21, 2023 $19.43 $108,747
April 20, 2023 $20.14 $147,869
April 19, 2023 $21.91 $159,698
April 18, 2023 $21.29 $105,550
April 17, 2023 $21.86 $173,864
April 16, 2023 $21.65 $126,492
April 15, 2023 $21.38 $167,164
April 14, 2023 $21.57 $208,468
April 13, 2023 $20.87 $159,895
April 12, 2023 $21.16 $174,825
April 11, 2023 $21.22 $177,692
April 10, 2023 $21.18 $398,808
April 9, 2023 $20.78 $105,159
April 8, 2023 $20.75 $172,808
April 7, 2023 $20.46 $285,491
April 6, 2023 $21.13 $196,526
April 5, 2023 $20.47 $537,579
April 4, 2023 $20.1 $234,651
April 3, 2023 $20.91 $345,974
April 2, 2023 $19.99 $1,245,160

Steps to buy Decred (DCR) in 2024

  1. Buy DCR with USD: Purchase DCR with USD on the following exchanges: BitTrex, Yobit, .
  2. Buy Bitcoin directly on Coinbase, Binance or Paypal
  3. Send the BTC to an Exchange that supports DCR/BTC pair. You can buy DCR with Bitcoin at HuobiPro, HitBTC, huobikorea, Kucoin, Yobit, Binance, BitTrex, HuobiPro, Poloniex, OKEX, Exmo, HitBTC, huobikorea, Gateio, Kucoin, Bleutrade, CoinEx, .
  4. Now, Buy Decred with BTC: Below is a detailed breakdown of exchanges that support Decred and their trading.

Exchanges that support DCR/USD Pair

Exchange Trade Pair Rating

Exchanges that trade DCR/BTC Pairs

Exchange Trade Pair Rating
Binance DCR/BTC A
HuobiPro DCR/BTC A
Poloniex DCR/BTC A
huobikorea DCR/BTC B
Gateio DCR/BTC B
Kucoin DCR/BTC B
Bleutrade DCR/BTC B

Exchanges that allow DCR/BTC trading

Exchange Trade Pair Exchange Grade
HuobiPro DCR/ETH A
huobikorea DCR/ETH B
Kucoin DCR/ETH B

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