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UBIX Network Price Prediction | Forecast for UBX

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Table of Contents:

  1. Coin prognosis
  2. What is UBIX Network coin?
  3. Future price prediction
  4. Frequently asked questions
  5. Historical Price Data
  6. Where to buy UBX

Possible uptrend on UBIX Network Up Only

Our coin price forecasting algorithm indicates bullishness on the UBX/USD pair. This means it will do well in the near to long term.

UBX Price $0.0000 USD
Price Change 24hours $0.0000 USD (-2.58%)
24h Low / 24h High $0.0000 / $0.0000 USD
Trading Volume 24hours $5,568,899,072 USD
Market Cap $1,919,751 USD

What is UBIX Network? Fundamental Analysis

UBIX.Network is an open ecosystem designed to integrate decentralized applications into a cohesive whole. To solve the integration problem, the following solutions were used:1. The original decentralized protocol UBIX ((DAG), consisting of blockchains of various types) has been developed and is used to exchange sensitive data (master data) between applications.2. The Ubikiri super application interface built on microservices is used to exchange data between applications through the internal API.3. A legal solution that allows users to legally determine the legal relationship arising between users and node holders. The legal framework is based on the original UBIX license designed for decentralized applications.For the development of applications, the UBIX launchpad platform is used, which is integrated into the UBIKIRI interface. A special approach called fair-ICO (fICO) is used to finance internal projects. The first internal fICO project was the internal UBIX.Exchange.For the exchange of values ​​within the platform, the native UBX cryptocurrency has been released. To regulate the money supply, monetary approaches are used with the use of public reserve and emission funds. In addition to UBX, tokens issued by various projects are used. For economic integration with external ecosystems (primarily with Ethereum), Crypto depository receipts are widely used both for UBX and for tokens issued on the platform. Prior to their token swap - UBIX was named Silent Notary (SNTR).

UBIX Network price prediction

Future price prediction

Date Price Possible movement
Jan 30, 2023 $0.0000 Neutral
March, 2023 $ 0.0000 USD Upside
March, 2023 $ 0.0000 USD Upside
April, 2023 $ 0.0001 USD Upside
July, 2023 $ 0.0001 USD Upside
January, 2024 $ 0.0005 USD Upside

UBX Crypto Price Forecast: Frequently Asked Questions

Question Answer
What will be the highest price of UBIX Network (UBX) in future? Our analysis shows a possible all time high of $0.0005 USD
Will UBIX Network (UBX) price increase in future? Our prognosis shows UBIX Network (UBX) will increase exponentially in future, attaining a possible coin price of $0.0005 USD
Will an Investment in UBIX Network (UBX) be profitable or make a loss? UBIX Network will be a profitable investment in the next 1 year, giving hodlers a good return.
What will be the highest price of UBIX Network (UBX) in future? $0.0005 USD
Will the price of UBIX Network (UBX) move downward in future? Up only
At the end of the year, what will be the price of 1 UBIX Network? Our algorithms indicates an end of year price of 1 UBX = $0.0005 USD.
What is the UBIX Network price prediction for 2025? By the year 2025, the price of one UBX could be as high as $0.0025 USD
UBIX Network price prediction for 2030? Too hard to predict. The crypto market changes rapidly. Hence, s lot can change between now and 2030.
Where do I buy UBIX Network? Purchase UBX coin here →

Historical Price Data (USD)

Rising volume like UBIX Network has is a great indication it will do well in the short term.

Date Price Volume
December 10, 2022 $2.526E-5 $56,183
December 9, 2022 $2.561E-5 $62,701
December 8, 2022 $2.463E-5 $67,814
December 7, 2022 $2.543E-5 $68,166
December 6, 2022 $2.519E-5 $53,606
December 5, 2022 $2.56E-5 $73,708
December 4, 2022 $2.482E-5 $81,313
December 3, 2022 $2.591E-5 $85,586
December 2, 2022 $2.553E-5 $103,756
December 1, 2022 $2.59E-5 $106,131
November 30, 2022 $2.431E-5 $101,751
November 29, 2022 $2.335E-5 $101,298
November 28, 2022 $2.386E-5 $73,544
November 27, 2022 $2.41E-5 $95,962
November 26, 2022 $2.397E-5 $113,324
November 25, 2022 $2.406E-5 $121,116
November 24, 2022 $3.551E-5 $94,460
November 23, 2022 $2.276E-5 $151,746
November 22, 2022 $2.212E-5 $97,449
November 21, 2022 $3.421E-5 $78,431
November 20, 2022 $2.433E-5 $196,073
November 19, 2022 $2.422E-5 $126,336
November 18, 2022 $2.399E-5 $125,639
November 17, 2022 $2.43E-5 $89,755
November 16, 2022 $2.504E-5 $68,996
November 15, 2022 $2.483E-5 $90,030
November 14, 2022 $3.66E-5 $96,512
November 13, 2022 $3.765E-5 $167,871
November 12, 2022 $2.57E-5 $117,695
November 11, 2022 $2.592E-5 $106,306

Steps to buy UBIX Network (UBX) in 2023

  1. Buy UBX with USD: Purchase UBX with USD on the following exchanges: .
  2. Buy Bitcoin directly on Coinbase, Binance or Paypal
  3. Send the BTC to an Exchange that supports UBX/BTC pair. You can buy UBX with Bitcoin at Kucoin, .
  4. Now, Buy UBIX Network with BTC: Below is a detailed breakdown of exchanges that support UBIX Network and their trading.

Exchanges that support UBX/USD Pair

Exchange Trade Pair Rating

Exchanges that trade UBX/BTC Pairs

Exchange Trade Pair Rating

Exchanges that allow UBX/BTC trading

Exchange Trade Pair Exchange Grade
Kucoin UBX/ETH B

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